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I sometimes feel I have led several lives, but throughout the years, my passion for reading and writing has never faltered. I’ll write anything but my books usually turn out to be mystery, thriller, suspense or noir. Or a combination of two or more. Because that’s what I love to read.

I’ve held a variety of occupations, including waitress, car saleswoman, department store clerk, cashier for a pet store, and  almost five years as a go-go dancer in the late sixties in Philadelphia. For more than twenty years I worked for lawyers and oil and gas executives.

Born in North Dakota and raised in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I settled in Houston after living in parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. I am happily unmarried after six attempts with men who made fascinating characters to write about, but didn’t succeed as husband material. I presently live with my grown son, our dog Sherlock, twelve rescued cats, and within hours of my two daughters.

I studied writing fiction and screenplays at UCLA, USC, Rice University, and Beyond Baroque in Venice, California. After taking a directing class in Houston, I co-wrote, directed, and acted in a one-act play. I optioned three screenplays to a local production company and co-wrote a script for the 48 Hour Film Project. I’m a member of MWA, Sisters-In-Crime, The International Thriller Writers, and The Final Twist Writers and have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Good Reads, and Amazon Author Central.

Enjoy my books and feel free to contact me about the books or blog posts.

Author: Laura Elvebak

I am the author of the Niki Alexander mysteries: Less Dead, Lost Witness, and A Matter of Revenge. A standalone, The Flawed Dance, is set in the late sixties about a young woman fleeing from her past and survives as a go-go dancer in a demimonde world of gangsters, thugs, and beautiful people. In the first Lillian Wallace novel, The Past Never Dies, big money, greed and betrayal can ruin an oil and gas venture, but can Lillian Wallace prevent a murderer from going free to kill again?

2 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. This is Nancy Jahnke. I am Peter Jahnke’s wife. We were visiting Pete’s sister (Lisa) tonight and she had found a card with your name on it advertising “Lost Witness”. Florence passed away six years ago March. Pete & I we’re in California several years ago and visited with your precious father! I have pictures of he & Pete. I plan to order your books and maybe you and Pete can visit. He doesn’t do well with email but I will help him or you can talk via phone. I have a son in Dallas (Plano) and a grandson at Baylor. We will be in Texas December 4-6th. My cell is 612-889-7278.


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