New Release From The Final Twist Writers!


Feasting on all the stories in this anthology, readers will discover how versatile our Final Twist Writers are, for they responded with enthusiasm to a request for murder msteries that referenced food–but not nesessarily as a succesful instrument of death. The focus here is Recipes. The recipe for the dish described in a story is shown at the end of each one, for a unique twist.

We hope our readers will relish the creativity and craftmanship that’s gone into this collection. And readers, do try the recipes! The stories come in many flavors, and some of the recipes come from far away–but all arrive with a soupcon of evil, of course!


I am the author of the gritty urban Niki Alexander mysteries, Less Dead (2008), Lost Witness (2009), and A Matter of Revenge (2017).  Niki Alexander, an ex-cop with the Houston Police Department until she is forced to kill a teenager. She quits and eventually became a counselor for a teen shelter. When her ex-partner, now a homicide detective, comes to her for help in cases involving a street teen, she can’t say no.

The Flawed Dance (2016) is a thriller set in Philadelphia in the late sixties about a young woman escaping the abuse of her older lover who is fleeing from the Mob. Haunted by the fear she might have killed him in her struggle to leave, she is in survival mode. If he is still alive, she doesn’t doubt he’ll try to find her. An older, dark-skinned former musician takes her in. She survives first as a waitress, then finds the better money is in go-go dancing, where she meet a new variety of men, including the mob bosses who runs most of nightclubs and the dancers.


A present day thriller, The Past Never Dies (2017) is set in the oil and gas industry. Lillian Wallace, investigator for a defense attorney, has the unlikely job of proving a young woman’s father murdered her mother two years ago and got away clean.


My short stories are included in four Final Twist anthologies.

I authored two full length scripts about the 1900 Galveston storm, both of which were optioned by a production company. I also had fun and met some wonderful writers while co-writing a script for a 48Hour Film Project, seen at the Alamo Movie Theater. A few years earlier I took a directing course at a local playhouse and, altogether with two talented students, we wrote, edited and acted a one-act play. Also available is the screenplay of The Past Never Dies.

I am a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters-In-Crime, The International Thriller Writers, and The Final Twist Writers.


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